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Democratic Republic of the Congo

In September 2023 we met with associations that need computer equipment, in some cases to serve people in Bizkaia in training and/or advice courses, and in others to equip classrooms in other regions (Africa). At this meeting we met Clementine Baza Bola from the NosUnimos association, which works with students and teachers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

In October 2023, Elkartenet gave them 3 computers, deregistered at SolokoetxeBHI in Bilbao and transferred for Circular Economy and International Cooperation projects, as a sample for presentation to Christian, a computer scientist and professor at Lukula. With your approval, we received a request for collaboration to equip 2 schools in Kinsaha and 6 in Lukula and in February 2024, with the help of intern students from Harrobia Ikastola, we began the work of reconditioning the 427 laptops that were sent to Republica Democratic Republic of the Congo on April 14 through the NosUnimos association of Balmaseda from the facilities of the Ayuda Contenedores association from Navarra.

The computer equipment had been deregistered and transferred by Xabier Zubiri Manteo BHI de Donostia, Larramendi ikastola (Mungia), Axular BHI (Santurtzi), Karmengo Ama (Portugalete). Other desktop computers provided by the company Versia, monitors provided by Elhuyar and printers provided by Vortex Dimensión Digital of Madrid were also sent for the development of the Classrooms Without Borders project.

All computers were shipped with TxikiLinux-ASF-2024 Operating System

We hope to have subsidies and institutional collaborations to be able to travel, a technician and two trainers, to the Democratic Republic of the Congo this coming September with the aim of training local teachers.

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