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Errachidia (1. phase)


The Elkartenet Association in collaboration with the Agharas collective , an association of Imazighen de Bizkaia, proposes a cooperation project with the entities of the Amazigh people (South-eastern Morocco community of Daraa Tafilalte) to bring reused computer equipment, desktop computers and mini laptops to that are used by girls and boys in kindergarten and primary school. (many of them in danger of exclusion). Several active entities of the Amazigh people, local development associations, Ampas associations of mothers and fathers of infant and primary school students, women’s cooperatives, associations of primary school teachers will participate in the project. in several towns in the municipality of Mellab (Errachidia).


The main beneficiary of this project will be the Amazigh People, and specifically the children of the Mellab region and its surroundings. It is an area in the south of Morocco, the most disadvantaged in this country, where they do not have access to basic and primary education and it is family members and associations who take charge of this work.   


Equip 12 computer rooms with refurbished computers to teach classes based on learning through play. (TxikiLinux operating system adapted to the environment and users)

Reuse computer equipment in the Basque people and give them a new life in the Amazigh people.

Collaborate in the development of the Amazigh people, focusing on the education of childhood and youth.


  • Create fun learning spaces.
  • Alleviate early school leaving in the Amazigh people.
  • Reduce the clandestine migration of unaccompanied minors (MENAs) of the Amazigh people. The majority of unaccompanied minors arriving from Morocco come from this area.
  • Encourage the use of new technologies responsibly and appropriately.
  • Giving a second life in the desert to the computer equipment that is discarded in the Basque Country and that with a reconditioning process can have a second life. Tested and quality equipment will be shipped, in order to make that “second life” as long as possible.
  • Work with children and youth that is the engine of development and social transformation.
  • Create a communication channel between the Basque and Amazigh peoples for mutual support.



Elkartenet is an educational association whose objective is to carry out educational, associative and commercial revitalization projects supported by tools designed with Free Software and with criteria to fight against the different forms of Digital Divide and favoring Circular Economy dynamics. 

According to the statutes, the purposes of ELKARTENET Hezkuntza Elkartea are:

  • Development of an operating system based on Linux and aimed at the introduction of ICTs in the last cycle of early childhood education (5 years) and first cycle of primary education (6 to 9 years). Based on values such as circular economy, reuse, respect for the environment … it aims to reinforce the teaching task of the teacher, also using digital tools in the learning process at an early age.
  • Offer training to associations, AMPAs and small businesses in the use of Linux operating systems and various tools developed with free software.
  • Reuse computer equipment of institutions and companies, repairing or replacing the hardware if necessary and installing a Linux operating system, thus prolonging the useful life of the equipment.
  • Reuse computer equipment of institutions and companies, repairing or replacing the hardware if necessary and installing a Linux operating system, thus prolonging the useful life of the equipment.
  • Offer reused equipment to associations and the general public according to their use needs.

Our workshop is in Julio Urkijo 1 48014 Deusto-Bilbao



Telephone : 688777807



Agharas is a private, apolitical, non-denominational and non-profit Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), founded in April 2013 by a group of Imazighen migrant people actively committed and concerned about intercultural awareness and social cohesion.

The main objectives of the association are: to facilitate the integration of migrant people residing in Bizkaia, to promote interrelation and mutual knowledge between the Berbers and the local population (as well as with the rest of the communities of diverse origins residing in the Historical Territory. ) in addition to promoting Tamazight art, culture and language.

Agharas is also committed to increasing the participation of imazighen women in decision-making processes, as well as in raising awareness of the power that women individually and collectively wield and that has to do with the recovery of their own dignity. these, and the strengthening of their own potentialities and capacities.

To achieve these objectives, we carry out the following activities; Language classes (Basque, Arabic, French, Spanish …), Amazigh cultural week, talks and spaces for mutual knowledge. Linguistic pairs and accompaniment of people in social exclusion …

Our head office is located in Barakaldo on calle Ibarra 17 lonja.


Telephone: 679 646 593




The project will take place at the Elkartenet and Agharas headquarters and in the computer rooms of the collaborating entities of the Amazigh people.


  • 2021/09 Elkartenet prepares a version of TxikiLinux in French and with applications adapted according to the needs of the objective. It delivers 6 Eskola 2.0 mini-laptops for testing at the Agharas premises in Barakaldo and 2 Eskola 2.0 to send to the participating entities in the Amzaigh village in the Mellab region.
  • 2021/10 Agharas travels to Mellab to present the project and test the usefulness of Eskola 2.0 equipment for meeting the didactic objective. The associations and teachers targeted by the project VALIDATE the usefulness of TxikiLinux for the training of boys and girls.
  • 2021/11 + 2021/12

◦       Elkartenet and Agharas initiate contacts with collaborating companies, associations and administrations

◦       Crowfunding campaign and dissemination of the project are launched

  • 2022/01 + 02 + 03 the equipment will be processed, the logistics of the trip will be prepared, didactic materials, tutorials and video-tutorials will be prepared for teachers and students, in French, Arabic or Berber according to indications of the project’s target associations.
  • 2022/04 In the next Easter week, a group of volunteers from the Agharas collective (accompanied by a technician and teacher from Elkatenet) will go down to the Amazigh people to start up the computer rooms and test them with local entities and do practical classes with the student body.
  • 2022 + 2023 The project will be monitored virtually and in person throughout 2022 and 2023.



Re-conditioning PCs : HD replacement by SSD, 8Gb RAM, fan cleaning, thermal paste replacement, TxikiLinux OS installation

Eskola 2.0 re-conditioning : Wifi, keyboard and disk check. TxikiLinux OS installation. ATTENTION and decision mini-laptop batteries

Each classroom will serve 30 students. By rotation, 1160 people will be served weekly.

The training for the teachers will be given by Elkartenet, which will travel together with Agharas in April 2022 to bring the equipment, set up the classrooms and train the staff.

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