Aulas sin fronteras


A donation of Toshiba Satellite computers has been made to the SamsaraNepal association for the Ananda project in Nepal. These computers have been refurbished by adding more RAM and replacing the drive with an SSD. They have also been adapted with accessibility options for people with reduced vision and the video tutorials have begun to be translated into Nepali.
Loudspeakers donated by institutes in Gipuzkoa, specifically Altza Institutua and San Benito Ikastola, have also been delivered for use in Nepal and more are expected to be sent to Errachidia-Morocco.
For the next academic year, it is intended to continue with the Aulas Sin Fronteras and TxikiLinux-XiLaBa projects, and to begin studying accessibility options in Linux to offer an adapted tool for people with reduced vision called TxikiLinux-BegiON.
We have worked with the Agharas and Begisare associations on this project and we hope to collaborate with them and with other computer scientists and professors from Informatikari Euskaldunen Bilkura, with projects such as and in the future.
For our part, we thank all the people involved in the project.

Lorena (SamsaraNepal): "This girl, who is a lot of smart, as has already been put, doing homework there" (in the image you can see a student working with Libre Office Writer)

Thank you for all your support and effort in the fight to achieve the Aulas sin Fronteras project in Nepal.
We want to thank all the people who contributed to make this project a reality.
His support and effort have been fundamental to reach our goals.

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