Aulas Sin Fronteras

Aulas Sin Fronteras

Collaborate with Classrooms without Borders

Education is the basis for the development of any society, and our project seeks to improve the quality of education in disadvantaged areas through technology and the social and solidarity circular economy.


In our project, we are guided by values such as equity, sustainability and commitment to quality education.


Our mission is to improve education in disadvantaged communities through technology and innovation, promoting a fairer and more prosperous future for all.


The vision of the project is a world with equal access to quality education, promoting values such as equality, diversity and solidarity.

Objectives of the Classrooms without Borders 2023 project:

Classes Without Borders in Nouakchott, Mauritania:
Equip the computer rooms of two secondary schools in Nouakchott with refurbished computers and equip primary schools with 400 computers.

Material for the improvement of equipment delivered in 2022:
Installation on 400 SSD disks of the TxikiLinux-XiLaBa version (64 bits), 400 laptop batteries (for environmental reasons they have.


Fulfilled projects

Errachidia Project (Pashe1)

The main beneficiary of this project will be the Amazigh People, and specifically the girls and boys of the Mellab region...

nepal project

Classrooms Without Borders has carried out a donation of computers in Nepal in collaboration with the
SamsaraNepal association...

Ghana Project

The Classrooms Without Borders project has collaborated
recently with the CCD-UPC CCD-UPC association to donate laptops...

projects on hold

Errachidia Project (Pahse2)

Installation on 400 SSD disks of the TxikiLinux-XiLaBa version (64 bits), 400 laptop batteries (for environmental reasons they were taken away)

Laayoun Project

Phase I digitization of the Baba Ahmed Ben Mohamed Yahdih High School in El Aaiun, Equipping computer rooms with refurbished computers...

Nouakchott Project

The Classrooms Without Borders project in Nouakchott has as its
objective of equipping classrooms in the region with reused computer material

Join Classes Without Borders

Classrooms Without Borders is a project that seeks to improve education in disadvantaged communities in Africa through the donation of computer equipment and the digitization of educational centers.
Our goal is to provide access to technology and digital tools to children who otherwise would not have this opportunity.
With your support, we can transform education and improve future opportunities for these communities.
Join us on our mission to bring education to all without borders.

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Que disent-ils du projet Classrooms Without Borders ?

My name is Jon, I did an internship with the Classrooms Without Borders project, I mean this organization makes a big difference in the lives of students and their communities.

Jon Ezkurdia

We are extremely grateful for the donation of refurbished computers we received through the Aulas Sin Fronteras project. These computers have had a significant impact on the education of our students as they now have access to online resources that were not previously available.

Mustapha Khayi

The Classrooms Without Borders project is an organization that deserves our full support. Their work to provide access to quality education to children around the world is an example of how we can make a difference in the world when we work together.

Jon Zelaia

"This girl, who is very smart, as she once was, is doing her homework there" (in the picture you can see a student working with Libre Office Writer)

Lorena (SamsaraNepal)

latest blog


Professor Mustapha, who works in one of the schools that