Aulas sin fronteras

We started collaborating with the NGO And Jëf after a teacher from our group met the person in charge of the organisation, Djibril Dieye. Djibril is a Senegalese from Gandiol who lives in the Basque Country. Djibril works for the development of his compatriots, and as with the Yaakar project, he is taking the first steps to digitalise the educational system of his village. When we suggested doing something similar to what we have done in Yaakar, after consulting the proposal, he thought it was a good idea.

This year, our students have prepared 5 laptops for the heads of the classes in Gandiol. For the local boys and girls, and especially for the girls, we have prepared the aforementioned Toshiba School 2.0 100 computers. In this case too, once the diagnosis of the computers was carried out (keyboard, screen, hard drive, RAM, battery and wiring), we have added up to 4G RAM to the computers. To complete the process, we installed the free software TXIKILINUX operating system and the necessary software, we put it in French and put stickers on the keyboards.

Thanks to the collaboration with the Yaakar association, the computers from Gandiol will go in the same container as those in Senegal, thus reducing costs.

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