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El Aaiun

The Classrooms Without Borders project comes in response to the request of the AMPA and teachers of an institute in Laayoun to improve access to education and technology in the region. The project consists of the collection and reconditioning of computer equipment that is no longer used in schools and institutes in Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa, in Osakidetza and in different collaborating companies. Once the equipment has been reconditioned (adaptation of Azerty keyboards, disk verifications, Wi-Fi,) the TxikiLinux operating system will be installed, adapted to the needs of this community and according to the specifications of the local teachers and Department of Education Once the material has been reconditioned, it is installed in local schools in Laayoun to create modern computer classrooms equipped with the latest technologies.

Respond to the request of the association of mothers and fathers of the Baba Ahmed Ben Mohamed Yahdih-El Aaiun High School to improve the computer equipment in this Center, with more than 700 students and a computer room with only 20 computers. Ahmed Baiba, a teacher at this Lyceum, requests “digital whiteboards”, like the ones we are throwing away in our schools by replacing them with others.
Social and Solidarity Circular Economy is to recondition the digital whiteboards of the AMPA of Arrigorriaga LHI (Mikel Alonsotegi Kalea, 2, 48480 Arrigorriaga, Bizkaia, contact Juan Fran) and take them to the Lycee Baba Ahmed, Laayoune, (4QWW+7QX, Dir Aydak, Laayoune contact Professor Ahmed Baiba)

In each project, Elkartenet works with local associations (AMPA of El Aaiun) and associations of people from these regions who live in our Community, such as Mohamed Lemine Khattraty from the La Khayma Association of the Mauritanians of Bizkaia.

The mission of the Classrooms Without Borders project in Laayoun is to provide local students with fair and equal access to education and technology, through the creation of computer classrooms equipped with the latest refurbished equipment. It also seeks to train local teachers and technicians in the use of these resources so that they can effectively integrate them into their teaching.

Objectives of the project in Laayoun:

• Provide Laayoun schools with access to refurbished computer equipment and with Linux operating systems adapted to modern and technologically updated Education.

• Train local teachers and technicians in the use of these resources to integrate them into teaching effectively.

• Improve academic performance and the quality of education in the region through technology and training.

• Promote equal access to education and technology in the Laayoun region, regardless of socioeconomic background.

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